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  1. Sorry, was going to say hello in a video post but as usual can't bloody upload. Been removed now as it was blank and boring lol.A

    1. mrshornyfan

      Och A just post a hello set of snaps lol ;) I'd say hello Deffo xx

    2. xxx40

      If I can my gallery issue sorted, I will post anything!! Xx

    3. Mr Flirty

      thats a shame fingers crossed it works soon ;)

  2. To all that have tried to say hello using the chat bar, sorry. Not ignoring you, using a mobile and screen is so small it's not user friendly. As you all know I am a chat queen so try again! A

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    2. mrshornyfan

      thats ok A catch you i the room again xx

    3. Sins&Seams

      lol hopefully catch up with you guys soon!

    4. mesexymale

      well ...that means we will have to be naughty then ...mmmmmmmm

  3. Thanks to you all for the lovely welcome back. A

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mr Flirty

      YVW ;) thanks for cumming....................back ;)

    3. Nic and Lou

      Good to have you back.

    4. xxx40

      Thanks to you all xxx

  4. Wahaaay!!!

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    2. SCR

      So good to see you back in style.

    3. xxx40

      Thank you!!

    4. Mr Flirty

      Nice to see you in all your teasing glory ;)

  5. Hoping to post a new set this last!

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    2. Sins&Seams

      Good to see you guys back! ;)

    3. sunnyjim

      lol where have you been then?

    4. mrshornyfan

      welcome back A ... hops all is well ? see ya in chat lol xx

  6. Hoping to post a new set this last!

    1. pi8125


  7. Still will not load the upload page. Will have to do a various thread instead.

  8. Why can we not upload to an album!!! Cannot get past the first step, all devices just won't upload. Maybe because they are apple devices! I give up

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    2. Rose

      should work on both devices :)

    3. Mr Flirty

      dont give up ;)

    4. xxx40

      We deleted all our pics to deal with the privacy issue. Wanted to make a best of album.

      Maybe we should do it as a thread. A

  9. Fishing holiday next week, Rods and bushes, ideal for a photoshoot I think!

    1. mrshornyfan

      have a great time you two :) xx hope to see the snaps soon hehe xx

    2. EngTech

      I concur as well, have a great time

    3. xxx40

      Intend to A

  10. At last, new pics this week x

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    2. xxx40

      Thanks all.A

    3. mrshornyfan

      how you's two doing ? hope to catch you in chat room again xx take care xx

    4. xxx40

      We are good thanks. Definetly catch up, missed the chat room. A xx

  11. At last, new pics this week x

  12. Had a privacy problem. Our apologies for having to remove our pics x

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    2. Mr Flirty

      Sorry to hear that hope all ok and you will cum back when you can ;)

    3. oldbill

      That is dreadful news xxx40

      I will be missing you terribly

      please come back as soon as you can

      I hate it when privacy gets ruined and it spoils your life


    4. xxx40

      Aaaah. Thank you all xx

  13. The 48 hour long new years eve seemed a good idea at the time! A

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    2. sunnyjim

      just a quiet one then?

    3. Mr Flirty

      just drinking or frollicking too????

    4. Inktar

      I can't believe that you just got carried away lol xx

  14. Ok, who has a bad head? :) A

    1. Inktar

      What head are you talking about lol xx

    2. Mr Flirty

      lol nope heads fine hope yours is soon too ;)

    3. xxx40

      Hahaha trust me. A

  15. Happy new year. Hope you all had a great evening. A

    1. willow30

      Thanks and a happy new year to you all to

    2. xxx40

      Thanks willow x